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The Orb Prime is a team-wide buff, the effect of which is individually determined by which Prime Card the players have in their deck. When the Orb Prime is available, a large creature spawns at a special Jungle Camp located near the middle of the map. Killing the creature will give the last player to cause damage to it the Orb Prime. If the team can take the Orb Prime to the return (located in enemy territory on the other side of the map), all living players on the team will receive the Orb Prime buff.

Orb Prime Details

  • Having the "OP Buff" means that each player's Prime card - the 7th card in their playable hand - is now active. These powerful cards both increase the effectiveness of the heroes and that of nearby allied minions.
  • Prime card minion buffs stack, meaning it is advantageous for teammates who have the buff active to group together to create powerful waves of minions and push lanes more effectively.
  • The buff remains active for a few minutes, or until the players who have it die.
  • Each time the buff is activated for a given team, the duration of the buff will increase.
  • You can drop the Prime Orb before it is turned in by recalling to base, in case you want to "hand it off" to a teammate.
  • If the carrier of the Prime Orb is killed, the Orb will be dropped, allowing the other team to steal it and return it for themselves.
  • If you or an ally return orb prime to your side, any inhibitors lost will be be brought back.