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Heroes are the playable characters in Paragon. Before each match, choose a hero that suits your playstyle. During the match, your hero will gain experience and level up, allowing you to unlock abilities and grow stronger with the hero you've selected. You also have a "Card Level" that levels up during the match. The card level determines how many points you will have to spend on equipment cards. You will also gain hero experience on an account level, unlocking things like card packs, deck slots, and hero skins as you play each hero and master them over time.

All heroes have unique Abilities and are designed to have certain strengths that they contribute to the match in order to counterbalance one another's weaknesses. The hero list below contains a list of currently-implemented heroes, as well as potential heroes that may be implemented in the future.

Heroes are the playable characters in Paragon. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, have their own strengths and weaknesses, and benefit from different styles of gameplay.

Roles[edit | edit source]

Heroes can be categorized into roles based on their particular set of attributes, skills, and abilities. Different roles lend themselves better to certain styles of play, though some heroes blur the lines between roles and can be successful using multiple play styles.

Hero Roles
Icon Role Playstyle
Assassin Icon.png Assassin Assassins specialize in isolating key targets and dealing huge bursts of damage to take them out of the fight.
Fighter Icon.svg Fighter Fighters love to engage in close melee combat where they can corner and defeat their foes with brutal attacks.
Caster Icon.png Caster Casters are heroes who use their spells and abilities to dominate the field using their large area of effect spells to wipe out hordes of minions or other unsuspecting heroes.
Ranger Icon.png Ranger Rangers tend to stick to the back of the pack dealing large amounts of basic attack damage very quickly from relative safe distances.
Tank Role Icon.svg Tank Tanks are the damage takers. Their role is to disorient and disable their foes, allowing their allies to swoop in and get those game changing kills.
Support Support characters specialize in controlling the battlefield with powerful utility skills, enabling their allies to come out on top in any engagement.

List Of Heroes[edit | edit source]

Hero Icon Dekker.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon FengMao.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Feng Mao
Hero Icon Gadget.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Gideon.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon GRIM.exe.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Grux.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Howitzer.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon IggyScorch.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Iggy Scorch
Hero Icon Kallari.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Murdock.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Muriel.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Rampage.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Sevarog.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Sparrow.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Steel.jpgTransparent Heroes.png
Hero Icon Twinblast.jpgTransparent Heroes.png

Unreleased Heroes[edit | edit source]