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Harvesters are mysterious Artifacts (Structures) located in 7 key positions across the map. When activated by a player, Harvesters will begin to extract special team-wide CXP Amber orbs from deep beneath the surface of Agora. Players can collect these orbs by standing on the Harvester collection pad. Once activated, they provide a team the opportunity to collect Amber that is shared equally to the entire team. To activate or collect from harvesters, a hero must stand on the glowing pedestal for a period of time. Activating a new Harvester takes a large amount of time, but with a Key card in their inventory, a Hero can reduce this placement time significantly. These Key cards have a limited number of uses before needing to return to base to recharge.

Harvesters can also be destroyed by opposing teams. Attacking an enemy Harvester will force the Harvester to drop a portion of its stored Amber. This also gives the enemy team the chance to steal that location, or it can be reacquired by the initial team, once the location becomes available again after a short time. Harvesters collect Amber at a consistent rate over time can only carry so much Amber before forcing any additional Amber to fall to the ground which can be collected by either team. This makes it very advantageous to collect from them occasionally as to not allow them to cap out and lose the chance for even more Amber.

Harvester Example.jpg
Harvester Location.jpg

Harvester Details[edit | edit source]

  • It takes ~30 seconds to claim a Harvester. Players do so by standing on a dormant Harvester collection pad if the Harvester is active.
    • Players with Key Cards can activate Harvesters much more quickly.
  • Harvesters become activated for a set amount of time after the match starts, the timing of which is indicated by the minimap.
  • If a Harvester is activated by one team, the other team cannot collect from it. Instead, they can attack it. If they cause enough damage, the Harvester will be reset to Neutral and become dormant. Thirty seconds later, it will reactivate, allowing someone to claim it and begin the cycle again.
    • Note that each time you attack and damage a Harvester, it knocks out a small amount of Amber. Picking up these orbs will grant your team Card XP.
  • Harvesters can only hold so much Amber. If their tank is full, extra Amber orbs will fall out of the Harvester, and land on the ground where they can be claimed by either team. These orbs will eventually time out, meaning inefficient collection from Harvesters will cause the team that has claimed it to miss out on maximizing their CXP.