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Feng Mao is one of the Fighter Heroes in Paragon.

Feng Mao
Hero Image Feng Mao.jpg
Order Affinity Icon.png Order
Fury Affinity Icon.png Fury
Primary Scaling
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage


Ability Default Key Ability Description Affinity
The Balance Passive Feng Mao builds stacks of offensive and defensive power through the use of his LMB and RMB. Blocking with RMB will add charges to LMB and vice versa. Stacks will discharge after a few seconds.
Sweep Left Mousebutton Feng Mao makes a wide sweep with his staff. Damage increases based on the number of offensive stacks Feng Mao has.
Feng Mao generates 1 Defensive Stack for each hit he lands with LMB.
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Block/Absorb Right Mousebutton Feng Mao generates a shield that blocks incoming damage. This shield is increased based on the number of defensive stacks Feng Mao has.
Feng Mao generates 1 Offensive Stack for each hit he takes with RMB active.
Mad Dash Q Feng Mao throws out an image of himself and after a short delay teleports to the image. If Feng Mao hits a target directly with the image they will take damage. Feng Mao will also be granted 1 offensive stack. Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Brake Check E Slows enemies within a radius of Feng Mao. Feng Mao generates 1 defensive stack upon use. Physical Damage.png Physical Damage
Crushing Shield R Feng Mao leaps into the air and slams his polearm on the ground dealing damage in a line in front of him.
Feng Mao generates a protective shield when using the ability.
Physical Damage.png Physical Damage

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