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Each Team will have five players, who can choose from one of six Classes to play:

List Of Classes[edit | edit source]

  • Assassin - Single-target burst damage hero. Low health, high mobility. "Glass cannons" whose job is to sneak in, nuke their target, and run.
  • Ranger - Long-range, basic attack hero. Low health and mobility. Incredibly high "left click" damage.
  • Caster - High ability damage hero. Excellent minion wave clear and multiple-target burst damage. Low health and poor basic attacks.
  • Fighter - Does high amounts of sustained damage over time via base attack. Good at initiating combat and is fairly durable. Weak fighting at long range.
  • Tank - High health and damage resistance hero. Poor damage across the board. Built to take a ton of damage and guard teammates while they take down enemies.
  • Support - Excellent utility and crowd control hero. Poor damage and mediocre health. Built to help teammates lock down the enemies so they can be hurt, and to maintain teammate effectiveness in combat.