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CXP is a shorter name for Card XP, wherein as you collect Amber you get more access to Cards in Paragon. Players earn Card XP by collecting the Amber orbs that spawn when a hero, Minion, or Towers is destroyed, and by collecting from Harvesters. Card XP (CXP) contributes to a player's Card Level. Each time that you level up your Card Level, you get more points to spend on cards back at the store.


  • Amber orbs are always tied to the team that created them. Orbs that are created for the opposing team will be gray/foggy, and while they cannot be picked up, it is possible to deny the other team their Card XP by defending their orbs until they time out.
  • When a tower is destroyed, some amount of CXP is automatically awarded to the team that destroyed it. A batch of Amber orbs will also spawn around the area of the destroyed tower, giving the attacking team an opportunity to earn more CXP if they are able to collect the orbs before they timeout.
  • Amber orbs remain in the world for 60 seconds. If a player picks up an orb, any nearby friendly players will receive the same amount of CXP that he does. This is to prevent player griefing resulting from "orb stealing".
  • Collecting Amber from a Harvester gives the CXP to the entire team.
  • If a player is killed, a batch of Amber orbs will spawn nearby the point of his or her death.
  • If a minion is killed by a player, it spawns the value of 100 CXP in Amber orbs that immediately move to the player who delivered the killing blow.
  • If a minion dies by other means (tower, other minions), 20 CXP in Amber are spawned at the location of death. This means that players who are better at delivering the killing blow on minions should have card level advantage, all other things being equal.
  • Jungle monsters slain with many players around it will provide every players with the same normal amount of CXP. This means that an early buff camp clear to help out the jungler will provide everyone with 800 CXP. Doing this should not make anybody lose on their lane CXP considering the buff should clear fast enough.