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Agora Map.jpg

Agora is the main Map in Paragon. The map of Agora follows the style of the traditional MOBA layout, with 3 "lanes" with each leading down the map towards the enemies' Core. Each of the three lanes has two Towers and a Inhibitor for each of the sides. Inbetween the lanes there is also a Jungle that which contain Harvesters.

In Agora, the harvesters provide a way to gather Amber (or CXP), and there are three on each side, two of which are in the Jungle and the other is near the side lanes for a total of six. Certain Abilities and Cards can improve the harvest build time, improving the speed of gathering. In Agora, Minions spawn every 30 seconds from each side and and move down each of the lanes attacking their enemy minions or Heroes and their Structures continuously until the end of the game.

Match Basics

Mini Map


The Mini Map is used on the top right hand side to be able to see where the action is happening quickly and easily. In Paragon the minimap is a HUD element that represents the game map on a smaller scale. It displays in real time the location and status of Towers, Heroes, Minions, vision. The minimap is subject to team vision, with unseen areas covered by the fog of war.


See Keyboard Controls for expanded Controls page.

  • Right clicking anywhere on the minimap will command the hero to move to that location. However, there is a delay of 0.2 seconds, where clicks will not be registered. This is to prevent missclicks.
  • Ground-target abilities can be cast by clicking on the minimap.
  • Clicking on the minimap while using Recall will teleport the hero back to Base.

Map Goal

The goal of Agora is to destroy the enemies' Core.