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There are 5 current main Affinities in Paragon. Each of the Heroes currently synergize with either one or two different affinities. See the list below. An affinity is a Hero’s theme or personality. Affinities dictate which cards are available to them, while also hinting at their style of play and abilities. Some heroes are pure and only have a single Affinity, but most are blended and have two Affinities.

When Deck building, a hero’s affinity will limit them to those classifications of cards, but universal cards can also be used by any and all heroes. This gives meaningful choices to the players in terms of deckbuilding and card collecting. An example being, Kallari is a pure Black/Black affinity, meaning she is only allowed to use Black or Universal type cards when building personal decks for her; while a hero such as Gideon would have access to Blue, Black, and Universal cards.

Affinities[edit | edit source]

The Different Affinities in Paragon
Affinity / Color Icon Meaning Examples Of Affinity Heroes With Affinity
Corruption Affinity Icon.png Darkness, Ambition, Death Debuffing enemies, life draining, manipulation of the shadow plane, damage over time abilities, or spending life to gain a resource advantage. Countess, Iggy & Scorch, Kallari, Kwang, Grux, Gideon, GRIM.exe, Riktor, Sevarog, Serath
Fury Affinity Icon.png Passion, Impulse, Zeal Attack and movement speed buffs, critical strikes on wounded foes, powerful long range damage abilities, or bypassing an individual's defenses. Murdock, Twinblast, Howitzer, Rampage, Feng Mao, Grux, Khaimera, Iggy & Scorch, Greystone, Crunch
Growth Affinity Icon.png Growth, Instinct, Nature Healing buffs, resource manipulation, regeneration, point blank area damage, or increased structure damage. Muriel, Sparrow, Dekker, Rampage, Countess, Khaimera, Sevarog, Narbash, The Fey
Intellect Affinity Icon.png Knowledge, Manipulation, Illusion Cloning units, buffing structures, revealing enemies locations, disabling enemies, fast escapes from combat, or time manipulation. Murdock, Gadget, Steel, Howitzer, Gideon, GRIM.exe, The Fey, Lt. Bellica, Riktor, Kallari
Order Affinity Icon.png Order, Protection, and Light Removing debuffs, preventing damage, healing allies, strengthening defenses, or even self sacrifice. Muriel, Sparrow, Steel, Dekker, Feng Mao, Crunch, Gadget, Greystone, Kwang, Lt. Bellica, Narbash, Serath